Roads & Bridges

The Roads and Bridges department is committed to upholding the integrity of the transportation infrastructures within Pickens County. The mission of the Roads and Bridges Department is to properly maintain all of the roads and bridges within the County’s maintenance system and to provide quality public services in a timely and competent manner, with cost consideration. This department strives to work with the cooperation of members of the community and other local government departments to perform any necessary road and bridge maintenance while preparing and responding to all inclement weather events and other emergencies; all with consideration of the safety and protection of the community.

Services Provided
Routine services include mowing vegetation along the right of way of the road and cutting back encroaching tree limbs; patching potholes and filling in sinkholes; building up low road shoulders or shaving high road shoulders and installing ditches and cross lines to prevent ponding of water on the roadways; cleaning debris from bridges, ditches and culverts to allow proper water runoff; and installing residential driveway culverts.

The Roads and Bridges department serves residents by providing one driveway apron per parcel on the county road, if the line of sight distance requirement is met, at no charge to the resident. No other surrounding counties provide this service free of charge.  

Installing signage on County roads and at County facilities is also the responsibility of the Roads and Bridges Department, as well as litter pick up on County roads, with the exception of areas within city limits.  

Emergency services include removing trees that have fallen in the roadway, replacing damaged or missing Stop signs, and replacing failing culverts or bridges.  
Other duties include assisting the Engineering department with reviewing the standards of newly constructed roads, providing technical assistance and operational support to other county departments for special projects and providing coordinated efforts with Emergency Management in responding to situations of inclement weather or natural disasters.

Fixing County Roads ROI
Visit to use the Pickens County Road Maintenance Resident Observed Issues (R.O.I.) portal and to view the current and upcoming road projects.

The Greenville-Pickens Area Transportation Study (GPATS) Interactive Mapping of Corridor and Intersection Projects is available on their website for the public. These maps are part of the GPATS effort to make it easier to stay informed about transportation projects in your area.  Click HERE to see which projects are recently completed, under construction, and in short term or long term planning.  


Roads and Bridges
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