Public Service Commission

This department is responsible to protect human health and the environment through proper treatment of wastewater discharges to surface waters of Pickens County and to comply with the regulations handed down from SCDHEC and USEPA.

Public Service Commission
For the past two decades, the Commission has focused on improved wastewater treatment (leading to cleaner rivers and streams), more treatment capacity for expanding service to residential, commercial and industrial customers, and consolidating many small treatment facilities into fewer facilities for improved efficiency.  Today, the Commission serves unincorporated Pickens County, Liberty and Central, operates 6 wastewater facilities, and maintains 2.9 million gallons per day of treatment capacity.
Capital Projects, Recently Completed and Soon to Begin
1. 18-Mile Upper Septage Receiving Station, 2016
2. 18-Mile Middle gravity sewer to Chastain Road Schools, 2012 

Tour the 18-Mile Creek Upper WWTP
Call (864) 843-5808 and arrange a tour. Please give one week’s notice.