Pickens Proud

PickensProud_UpdatedPickens County offers scenic roads, charming main streets and beautiful lakes and mountains. Our continuing beautification efforts are vital to our economic success. Beyond cleaning up litter, we hope to effect significant, positive and enduring change in our county. 

Clean communities are safe communities, good for tourism and economic development, and a sense of pride. A comprehensive approach to reducing litter in our county is imperative for our quality of life. 

Benefits of being litter-free:
cleaning up litter, graffiti, junk cars and illegal dumpsites deters criminal activity
cleaner neighborhoods make residents feel safer, friendlier and healthier
cleaner towns strengthen communities and improve quality of life

Litter by the Numbers:
80% of littering is intentional
76% of roadway litter originates from motorists and pedestrians
21% of roadway litter comes from unsecured loads
15% of littering is directly affected by the environment

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