Pickens County Foster Care Review Board 13-E

Board Member                                 Term Expiration Date

Wilma Shealy                                     December 31, 2024 (Pending letter from the Gov.)
Glenn Farrow                                     December 31, 2022
Jeff Turner                                            December 31, 2022 (Pending letter from Gov.)
Bonita Holland                                   December 31, 2022
Leatha Young Parker                       December 31, 2022

Four year term - Meet every two months & skip a month - Meetings are virtual

*New appointments must attend 1-day orientation session in Columbia before they are allowed to vote at meetings.*
*If interested in becoming a member you must complete the Questionnaire for Appointment & Consent to Release information forms found on the main Pickens County Legislative Delegation page under the link on the left hand side. See also Instructions for Consent to Release Information form for step by step instructions.