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The commission is an agency of the county to provide wastewater treatment facilities for collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewater within the county, subject to limitations of territorial jurisdiction. The territory of the public service commission shall encompass all of the county except those areas served within incorporated municipalities or within the territory of other legally constituted public service districts or political subdivisions.

Enabling legislation: Ord. No. 435, adopted June 21, 2010, amended div. 5 in its entirety, in effect repealing §§ 2-221—2-231 and enacting similar new provisions in lieu thereof as §§ 2-221—2-232. Formerly, such provisions derived from Ord. No. 195, adopted May 3, 1993; Ord. No. 147, §§ 2—12, adopted Dec. 5, 1989. (Ord. No. 435, 6-21-2010)

The public service commission, an agency of the county, is empowered to provide wastewater treatment service within its jurisdiction and on behalf of the county is empowered to plan, design, acquire, construct, operate, maintain, improve and extend wastewater treatment facilities; to collect and treat sewage; to dispose of treated wastewater and sludge; and to do all other things incidental to and necessary for the ownership and operation of a wastewater collection, transport and treatment facility.

Members are appointed by Council to a 4 year term.