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Provides for Library services throughout the County.

Enabling Legislation: Ord. No. 185, 3-16-1992; Ord. No. 515, 9-19-2016, State Law reference— Similar provisions, S.C. Code 1976, §§ 4-9-36, 4-9-37.

The county public library system shall be controlled and managed by a board of trustees consisting of seven members appointed by the county council for terms of four years or until their successors are appointed and qualified.

Vacancies on the board shall be filled in the manner of the original appointment for the unexpired term. As the existing terms expire, the appointments, as set forth in subsection (c) of this section shall be for two-year terms for those nominees from districts 1, 2 and 4. Those nominees, as well as the remaining trustees, shall be appointed for terms of four years.

The board as provided for in section 26-1 shall be authorized to exercise powers as to the policies of the county library which shall not be inconsistent with the general policies established by the council, and pursuant to that authority shall be empowered to:
  • Employ a chief librarian whose qualifications and credentials shall meet the certification requirements of the state library board, and who shall be responsible for the administration of the program and the selection of library staff members required to carry out the functions of the library system. The county administrator shall participate fully in the selection process, and shall be kept informed of the particulars of that process. The salary of the chief librarian shall be set by the county council. The chief librarian and all library staff members shall be employees of the county and subject to the personnel policies and compensation plans established by the county council;
  • Purchase, lease, hold and dispose of real and personal property in the name of the county for the exclusive use of the county public library system; however, any such conveyance, lease or purchase of real property shall be subject to approval by county council as required by law;
  • Acquire books and other library materials and provide for their use throughout the county;
  • Accept donations of real property, services, books and other items suitable for use in the library system;
  • Designate or mark equipment, rooms and buildings, and other library facilities to commemorate and identify gifts and donations made to the library system;
  • Cooperate or enter into contracts or agreements with any public or private agency which results in improved services or the receipt of financial aid in carrying out the functions of the library system; however, such contracts and agreements shall be subject to approval by the county council;
  •  Enter into contracts or agreements with other counties to operate regional or joint libraries and related facilities; however, such contracts and agreements shall be subject to approval by the county council; and
  •  Receive, on behalf of the county council, grants, appropriations, gifts and donations from any private or public source for the operation, expansion or improvement of the library system; however, all such funds shall be received and disbursed by the county treasurer in keeping with the policies and procedures of the county council.
In addition to the powers and duties prescribed in subsection (a) of this section, the board shall:
  • Provide and make available to the residents of the county books and library materials and recommend to the county council the establishment of a headquarters library and branches and its subdivisions in appropriate geographical areas of the county and the operation of one or more bookmobiles over routes determined by the board; the establishment or discontinuance of any library branch or subdivision or change in the operating hours of any headquarters, branch or subdivision shall be determined by the county library board with the prior written consent of the county council;
  • Adopt regulations necessary to ensure effective operation, maintenance and security of the property of the library system; however, such regulations shall not be in conflict with policy regulations established by the county council; and 
  • Annually, at a time designated by the county council, submit to the council a budget for the ensuing fiscal year adequate to fund the operation and programs of the library system. Such budget shall list all funds which the board anticipates will be available for the operation of the library system. All funds appropriated, earned, granted, or donated to the library system or any of its parts shall be used exclusively for library purposes and shall be deposited and expended as provided for by the county budget ordinance. All financial procedures relating to the library system, including audits, shall conform to the procedures established by the county council.
  • Annually file a detailed report of its operations and expenditures for the previous fiscal year with the county council.