Six Mile Rural Water

Purpose: Rural water districts shall acquire, construct and operate a waterworks system, utilizing therefor water from available sources, by purchase or otherwise, at such convenient points as the district shall select, to provide a flow of water through pipes for domestic, commercial or industrial users who can be conveniently and economically served within or without the service area as may be created.

Enabling Legislation: State Law 6-13-30.

Board of directors; membership; terms; vacancies; officers; revision of size of board. The district shall be operated and managed by a board of directors to be known as the "__________ Rural Community Water District Board of __________ County" which shall constitute the governing body of the district. The board shall consist of five resident electors of the area who shall be appointed by the Governor, upon the recommendation of a majority of the county legislative delegation. The original appointments shall be for a term of two years for two appointees, for a term of four years for two appointees, and for a term of six years for one appointee. All terms after the initial appointments shall be for six years. All appointees shall hold office until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified. Any vacancy shall be filled in like manner as the original appointment for the unexpired portion of the term.

Immediately after appointment, the board shall meet and organize by the election of one of its members as chairman, one as vice chairman, one as secretary, and one as treasurer. The offices of the secretary and treasurer may be combined in the discretion of the board.

Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (A), the board of a rural community water district created by this article may revise the size of the board to not less than five members nor more than ten members by the procedure set forth in this subsection. To revise the board membership, the board must hold a public hearing in the district and adopt a resolution to increase or reduce the board membership by a vote of not less than seventy five percent of the existing board members. A resolution to increase the board must include the initial term of appointment for each seat added, not to exceed six years, and after that time the terms must be as provided for in subsection (A). A board member's seat that is eliminated because of a resolution reducing the size of the board must cease to exist upon the expiration of the term of the board member serving in the seat being eliminated.

The five-member Board of Directors is the governing body for Six Mile Water District. Board meetings are the first Monday of January, April, July, and October. Meetings begin at 5:30pm at the Six Mile Water District office at 214 Lusk Rd. Six Mile, SC 29682.

Six Mile Water is committed to providing safe, high quality water to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

County Council makes recommendations and the Governor appoints members for a 6 year term.

For more information, please visit the Six Mile Rural Water Website.