Do's and Don'ts

Pickens County Recycling Do's and Don'ts

CLICK HERE to view SCDHEC's "Dirty Dozen" Flyer to learn more about 12 items you should never place in your recycle bin.

The following items are NOT ACCEPTED at the recycling centers:

x Pesticides, brake fluid and chemicals of any kind. For disposal information, call SCDHEC Environmental Quality Control at (864) 242-1090.
x Dead Animals - Small animals may be taken (in plastic bags) to the landfill at no charge.
x Burnt Trash is not accepted at the stations or the landfill. Please ask for a brochure.
x Large Tires - from tandem trucks, road tractors and farm tractors must go to the landfill at $80/ton.
x Cross Ties and creosote treated lumber must go to the landfill at $47/ton. Asbestos is not accepted in ANY form. For disposal information, call Solid Waste at 859-3492.
x Shingles - (Over one wheelbarrow load) must go to the landfill at $47/ton.
x Asbestos is not accepted in any form. For Disposal information, call the Solid Waste office at 859-3492.
x Pottery, china porcelain, dinnerware, window, door and picture frame glass are some types of glass that cannot be accepted for recycling. These items need to be deposited into the compactor at the Recycle Stations.
x Aluminum foil and pie plates are not recyclable. These should be put with household garbage.
x Concrete, blocks, and bricks - over one wheelbarrow load must go to landfill.
x Trailers over 10 foot are required to dispose of waste at Landfill.

The following items are ACCEPTED  at the Recycling Stations:

checkg Aluminum, steel cans, aerosol cans are recyclable. Labels do not need to be removed, but please rinse and if possible, flatten cans before bringing to the recycle station.
checkg Antifreeze - is accepted but must be placed in special container at each recycle station.
checkg Batteries - Auto, marine and lawn mower batteries are accepted for recycling.
checkg Clothing - is accepted at all recycling stations. A Miracle Hill donation box is set up at the Easley Recycling Station for any clothes in good condition that are reusable. Household Trash - Accepted and should be bagged and placed in recycle station compactor.
checkg Plastic - Plastic bottles and jugs with a recycle label of 1 or 2 (with threads on the top). Look for a recycle symbol and number on the bottom. We are not currently able to recycle plastics labeled with 3 - 7. Please remove the lids. Containers should be rinsed, but labels can remain.
checkg Glass - Blue, brown, and clear bottles and jars. Please remove caps and lids. Containers should be rinsed, but labels can remain.
checkg Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office papers, telephone books, catalogs, paperback books and paper egg cartons can all be recycled.
checkg Gift-Wrap Paper and tissue wrap can be recycled. Foil and cellophane wrapping paper must be disposed of in household garbage.
checkg Oil bottles and oil filters - are recyclable. These are to be placed in a container that will allow oil to drain out.
checkg Paint - is accepted at each recycle station in a special area only. Cans with rusted lids and cans less than half full, are not accepted. To dispose of, please fill can with sand or cat litter and pour into a trash bag for disposal. Allow cans to dry and dispose in scrap metal container.
checkg Shredded paper can be left in a bag.
checkg Hard back books must have the backs cut away and disposed in misc. Only the pages are recyclable.
checkg Tires - Four passenger vehicle tires per customer, per day is accepted.
checkg Cardboard, pasteboard, paper shopping bags are all recyclable. Please flatten boxes to save storage space.