Pickens Proud Partner Program


Clean communities are safe communities, good for tourism and economic development and a source of pride. Pickens County is proud to announce that we are now managing the local Adopt A Highway program for state roads. Simultaneously, Pickens County is launching the Pickens Proud Partner program for county roads through the Environmental Enforcement department. Participating organizations in this volunteer program are considered Pickens Proud Partners.


  • Master list of high visibility roads in the county and coordinating road map
  • Litter pickup tips and accompanying educational resources to ensure safety coordination with SCDOT, Keep Pickens County Beautiful and Palmetto Pride for supplies and resources
  • Civic and other organizations apply to be a Pickens Proud Partner
    • organizations must be able to participate in four pick ups each calendar year
    • organizations document pickup through before and after photos, bags of litter picked up and miles of road cleaned
Pickens Proud Partners Map
Pickens Proud Partner Safety 
Pickens Proud Partner Safety Video

Pickens Proud Partner Checklist
Pickens Proud Partner Follow Up Report
Pickens Proud Partner Liability Release Waiver