Jury Service

Do I have to serve jury duty?

If my boss doesn't like me to be off work, will this excuse me from jury duty?

How can I be excused from jury service?

Is anyone exempt from jury service?

Why would someone be disqualified from jury service?

What's the difference in serving on a Magistrates' Courts jury, a Common Pleas or a General Sessions jury?

How long do I have to serve?

Will I be paid for serving as a juror? What about mileage and parking?

Will I be paid even if I'm not picked to serve on the jury panel?

Will I definitely sit in on a trial when I am summoned for jury duty?

How are trial jurors selected?

What does the term "voir dire" mean?

How should I dress?

What should I bring with me to the court?

Is there any special "courtroom etiquette" I should be aware of?