I've seen the terms "Summary Court" and "Magistrates' Courts". What's the difference?

What kinds of civil cases are heard in Magistrates' Courts?

Can I get a jury trial in Magistrates' Courts?

How do I file a criminal case?

How may I get a criminal case dismissed?

Where do I pay a traffic ticket?

Does your office provide information pertaining to any of the following?

Can I make my child support payments at a Magistrates' Court?

Do I go to Magistrates' Courts for a marriage license?

Can I register to vote at your office?

When is a case a matter for "Small Claims," and when is it "Common Pleas"?

How do I file a Small Claims case? Is there a charge?

Where Do I file a Small Claims Case?

I have a judgment from Small Claims Court. How do I have it executed?

What is a Landlord/Tenant dispute?

How do I go about evicting a renter for non-payment of rent?

What is a Claim and Delivery case?

What is a Pre-Distress Warrant?

What is a Sale on Abandoned Property?

How does a person file an appeal on a civil case?

How does a person file an appeal on a criminal case?

What is an "expungement"?

How do I know if I'm eligible for an expungement?

How do I get my criminal record expunged?

Can you give me advice about my lawsuit?

How can I find a lawyer?

Can you recommend an attorney or law firm to me?

Can I act as my own attorney when filing a case?

How can I check on the status of my case? Can I review case files?

How can I find out when my case is coming up for trial (or another scheduled event such as a hearing?)

Do you provide case and judgment information to companies such as credit bureaus?