Litter Enforcement

Litter Officers                                                                   
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Officer David Moore
Officer Chris Simmons
Our Litter Officers investigate complaints and take appropriation enforcement measures and actions regarding both State Litter Laws and County Ordinances regarding litter.  Such violations can include, unsecured loads, illegal dumping, throwing trash and litter from a vehicle, littering on both public and private property, non residents using County facilities, etc.

Questions Or Complaints

If you have additional questions or wish to file a complaint, please call our ENVIRONMENTAL ENFORCEMENT HOTLINE (864) 898-5265 to speak with one of our officers.  You may also download our Litter and Code Violation Complaint Form, fill it out and email it to us.

Pickens County Litter Enforcement
307 Johnson Street - Street Level
Pickens, SC 29671
Telephone: (864) 898-5265
Office Hours: By Appointment Only