Public Schools
The Pickens County School District is South Carolina’s fifteenth largest district with an enrollment of 16,300 students in 14 elementary, 5 middle, 4 high schools and 1 career and technology center.  Test scores are consistently above the state and national average on most measures.  Fourteen schools received Palmetto Gold and Silver awards in 2016.  All public schools are fully accredited and all teachers are fully accredited by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Post-Secondary Enrollment (Fall 2016)
Clemson University 23,406
Southern Wesleyan University 1,764
Tri-County Technical College 6,094

Private & Parochial Schools (2016)
Number of Schools 8
Kindergarten Enrollment 94
Grades 1-8 Enrollment 226
Grades 9-12 Enrollment 98

Highest Education Attainment
(Adults over 25)

Less than 9th Grade 6.2%
Attended High School 11.6%
High School Diploma 30.2%
Attended College 19.3%
College Degree 32.7%

Pickens County Library System (2016)
Headquarters 1
Branches 3
Number of Registered Users 96,732
Library Holdings 240,497
Annual Public Service Hours 12,064