Councilman Carl L. Hudson is a lifelong citizen of Pickens County. He has lived in the Dacusville area most of his life. He attended Dacusville schools through 10th grade, where he played football, basketball and ran track. He transferred to Pickens High School and worked full time during his junior and senior year at the Singer Plant. After graduating from Pickens High School in 1973, Carl worked in different construction businesses, learning valuable skills to be used during his adult life.
          Carl began his law enforcement career at Pickens City Police Department. After 5 years as a city police officer, with promotions to the lieutenant position, he had the opportunity to join the Pickens County Sheriff Department. He worked 26 years for the Sheriff’s Department, and retired as Captain over the road patrol. He had many responsibilities and interactions with various disciplines in law enforcement during his 31 years of service.

          During retirement, he has been an active member at the Dacusville Community Center, and a lifelong member of Hunts Memorial Baptist Church. He serves as an ordained deacon, a Sunday school teacher and a leader of the safety team. He enjoys hunting, appreciates gun sports, watching football and working in his leather shop at home, as a hobby.  He became interested in volunteering in the Dacusville Community, then sought to make improvements in the community by seeking for an elected office.  He was elected as County Councilman for District 6 in 2016, and serves the community daily through phone and email conversations, personal visits and meetings.

         Carl built his home on property given from his grandfather (Elbert Clark) in Dacusville area.  He is married to Karen Allen Hudson. They have a son Clint Hudson, daughter-in-law Marie, granddaughter Lilly and grandson Palmer. They also have a daughter, Andrea Herd, son-in-law Rodney Herd and two grandsons, Hovey and Rocky. Also a part of the family are two special rat terriers, Bo and Dixie.