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Accommodations Tax Committee

Pickens County Accommodations Tax Funding Application Instructions Pickens County Accommodations Tax Funding Follow-Up Report Pickens County Accommodations Tax Funds Application


Application for Exemption Instructions Application for Residential Status on Motorhome, Boat, Watercraft, or Camper Business Personal Property Return Business Personal Property Return - Rental High Mileage Reduction Application

Building Codes

2009 Energy Code Checklist for Residential Construction Commercial Permit Procedures Driveway/Right of Way Encroachment Permit Electrical Power Upgrade for Residential Structures Elevation Certificate Flood Facts Floodplain Construction Checklist Floodplain Ordinance Junk or Abandoned Vehicles flyer Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) Mobile Home Registration Information Mobile Home Set-up Procedures Ordinance Compliance Form Owner/Builder Disclosure Statement Permit Application Permit Exemption Permitting Questions and Answers Pickens County Flood Facts Pool Fence Affidavit Residential Boat Dock Electrical Installation Residential Permit Procedures Special Inspection Procedure Substandard (unsafe and unfit dwellings) flyer Tenant/Landlord Complaint Form

County Council

Pickens County Boards & Commission Application

Delinquent Tax

2010-2015 Forfeited Land Commision Tax Sale Listing Delinquent Tax Sale Information Delinquent Tax Sale Listing


E911 Medical Requests Name a Driveway


Check Reimbursement Form FY 2002 Annual Financial Report FY 2003 Annual Financial Report FY 2004 Annual Financial Report FY 2005 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2006 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2007 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2011 Budget FY 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2012 Budget FY 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2013 Budget FY 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2014 Budget FY 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2015 Budget FY 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY 2016 Budget FY 2016 Capital Request Form FY 2016 New Personnel Request Form FY 2017 Capital Request Form FY 2017 New Personnel Request Form Mileage Form 2015 Mileage Form 2016 Monthly Financial Statement Tourism Development Fee Return Training Request Form Travel Expense Statement 2015 Travel Expense Statement 2016 Vendor E. F. T. Form Vendor E. F. T. Instructions


Request for Merge of Property Request for Split of Property

Human Resources

Application for Employment Automobile Accident Investigation Form A Employee Benefits Employee Declining Medical Treatment Form Employee Suggestion Incident Report Leave Form Workers' Compensation - First Report of Injury or Illness

Information Systems

Data Dissemination Policy and Procedures


New Patron Application Forms


Affidavit and Itemization of Account (must be filed with Summons and Complaint form) Claim and Delivery form Eviction Form Summons and Complaint Form


2010-2030 Pickens County Comprehensive Plan Application for Billboard and General Sign Permits Application For Development Review Application For Land Use Review Application For Variances and Appeals of Administrative Decisions Board of Appeals Public Hearing Schedule Planning Commission Public Hearing Schedule Unified Development Standards Ordinance


Inmate Visitation Information Form

Public Service Commission

How to dispose of Pharmaceutical waste: Keep perscription drugs out of our water supply


Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Vendor Application


Recycling Brochure

Register of Deeds

Recording Fee Schedule Recording Requirements

Roads and Bridges

Application for Construction and Maintenance Application for Encroachment Permit


Application for Encroachment Permit Application for land disturbance of Greater than one acre Application for Land Disturbing Activity of less than 1 acre Application for Notice of Termination BMP Suggested Uses Construction Sequence Example Does Your Construction Site Need a Stormwater Permit? Erosion Protection and Sediment Control BMP Selection Process Fees Guide for Land Disturbing Activities for Projects that Disturb Less Than One Acre Low Impact Development Notification form for Start of Land Disturbing Activity Permanent Stormwater Maintenance and Responsibilty Agreement Plan Review Checklist for Design Professional for Land Disturbing Activities of greater than 1 acre SEDCAD Memo Seeding Schedule for the Upstate Signatories to permit Silt Fence Barriers Small Construction Waiver South Carolina Rainfall Data Variance Application Wetland Vegetation Specifications

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Closed for Training May 16, 2016 - May 20, 2016