This department is responsible to protect human health and the environment through proper treatment of wastewater discharges to surface waters of Pickens County and to comply with the regulations handed down from SCDHEC and USEPA.

 Public Service Commission

For the past two decades, the Commission has focused on improved wastewater treatment (leading to cleaner rivers and streams), more treatment capacity for expanding service to residential, commercial and industrial customers, and consolidating many small treatment facilities into fewer facilities for improved efficiency.  Today, the Commission serves unincorporated Pickens County, Liberty and Central, operates 6 wastewater facilities, and maintains 2.9 million gallons per day of treatment capacity.
Capital Projects, Recently Completed and Soon to Begin

1. Central North WWTF Upgrade, 2012
2. Closed Cramer WWTP and pump wastewater to Roper WWTP, 2008
3. Upgraded Roper WWTP, 2008
4. On Hwy 93, added 1400 linear feet of gravity sewer near Amsterdam Road, 2008
5. Five miles of gravity sewer along Hwy 123 from Eighteen Mile Road in Central to
Ruhamah Road in Liberty. Anticipated completion date August, 2010.
6. Upgrade of Central North Wastewater Treatment Plant. Anticipated completion date,
July, 2011.

Tour the 18-Mile Creek Upper WWTP

  • Call 843-5808 and arrange a tour. Please give one week’s notice.

Public Service Commission Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what areas do you provide sewer in the county?

A: We serve areas outside the municipalities service areas in the 12-Mile Creek Basin, 18-
Mile Creek Basin and the Saluda River Basin. For specific locations, please call 843-5808.

Q: Whom do I call to get water service?

A: You will need to call your nearest water provider’s office or the city hall of your nearest

Q: Whom do I call to get a septic tank permit and a “perk” test?

A: You will need to call the SCDHEC Environmental Health office at 898-5832.

Q: Whom do I call to report junk cars, or tall grasses not being cut in my neighborhood,
garbage or trash in yards, or abandoned buildings?

A: You will need to call the Building Codes Enforcement Officer at 898-5950.

Q: Whom do I call to get a driveway tie-in or report a road problem?

A: You will need to contact the Roads and Bridges department at 898-5933.