Pickens County Building Codes Administration is committed to protecting the lives property
and welfare of the residents of Pickens County through the enforcement of the adopted
International Building Codes, Pickens County Ordinances and Federal, State and Local
Floodplain management requirements.


  • Provide a preeminent permitting, inspection and enforcement service to the residents,
    design and construction professionals of Pickens County.
  • Endeavor to provide superior personal customer service.
  • Provide professional inspection services in all construction disciplines within 24 hours
    of the request.
  • Offer all services as fiscally conservative stewards of taxpayer funds.
  • Educate and train all inspectors and staff on current and newly adopted applicable
    building codes and department procedures.
  • Provide Floodplain Management and flood information services to the residents
    of Pickens County.
  • Provide timely County Ordinance Code compliance.