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At the Hagood Mill


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   The Pickens County Museum of Art & History will be presenting two new exhibitions beginning June 27, 2015. Please join us from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 27 as we host a reception to open Ancient Forms, Modern Minds: Contemporary Cherokee Ceramics along with the exhibition, Surfaces and Spaces: Photography of Cecelia Feld & Bruce Schlein. Both exhibitions will be on display through August 20, 2015.

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Ancient Forms, Modern Minds: Contemporary Cherokee Ceramics
Exhibition featuring the work of eleven Cherokee artisans


   The Cherokee have been making pottery in Western North Carolina for almost 3,000 years. Though nearly disappearing in the 19th century, the tradition survived, emerging as a contemporary art form enriched by the Cherokee artists who have carefully preserved and passed on their practice from one generation to the next.

   For the first 2,000 years of the tradition, Cherokee potters created large, thin-walled, waterproof pots that were stamped with geometric designs. But early in the 20th century this style was almost entirely replaced by the production of heavier pottery, termed blackware, which was incised rather than stamped, a style common to the Catawba, Pueblo and Navajo tribes at that time. Though heavily influenced by these other Native American traditions, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians developed their own techniques. Commonly referred to as the traditional style, this work persisted as the dominant form for the duration of the 20th century.

   It was not until the beginning of the 21st century that Cherokee potters revived the historic, thin-walled pottery style. Also during the present century, a third category of artists working in a contemporary style emerged producing highly decorated and glazed ceramic works. Many of these artists utilize the Cherokee syllabary or other Cherokee symbols in their work.

   Artists including Davy Arch, Darrin Bark, Bernadine George, Betty Maney, Louise Maney, Harold Long, Shirley Oswalt, Joel Queen, Dean Reed, Alyne Stamper and Amanda Swimmer, are among those featured in Ancient Forms, Modern Minds. This exhibition celebrates the rich history of Cherokee pottery as well as the creativity and innovation of contemporary Cherokee potters.

   This exhibition was organized and curated by the Asheville Art Museum. Ancient Forms, Modern Minds is sponsored in part by RTCAR, Cherokee Preservation Foundation, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and North Carolina State University. This exhibition will travel to other venues.


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 Surfaces and Spaces 
Photography of Cecelia Feld & Bruce Schlein


Cecelia Feld, "Underfoot - Dallas, TX, 2007/2015", photograph

Bruce Schlein, "Toronto City", Photograph

Cecelia Feld, "Underfoot - New York City, 2013/2015", photograph

Bruce Schlein, "Wall Photographer, Spartanburg", Photograph

  This exhibition of photographs is a compilation of work based on Cecelia Feld’s & Bruce Schlein’s shared interest in what people write on pavements, walls and fences. It is a documentation of mark-making, as well as the play of light and shadow on these outer surfaces and inside spaces. The essential focus is on how people decorate their environments and how light transforms a scene, influencing our perception of the scene.

   Both photographers are interested in vertical and horizontal planes such as walls, floors, sidewalks and streets and how people mark these areas with statements of personal expression, warnings, directions, or other kinds of information. The vertical spaces are a bit more complex. They may be fences or walls, which are decorated and/or assembled into rooms or buildings where the play of light outside and inside creates vignettes of particular beauty. The photographs present some of the ways we engage with our environment.


Photo of Cecelia Feld

Photo of Bruce Schlein

Cecelia Feld grew up in New York City and received her B.A. from Hunter College, N.Y. in 1963. She moved to Dallas, Texas in 1969, receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1976 from the University of North Texas. Cecelia has exhibited her paintings, drawings, prints and photographs in juried and invitational exhibits throughout the U.S. She has had numerous solo exhibitions and her artwork is in many private and corporate collections including Frito-Lay, Inc., I.B.M. and Delta Airlines.

Cecelia is a recipient of a MacDowell Colony Visual Artist Fellowship. The MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire was founded in 1907 as a place where selected artists, writers, and composers can work uninterrupted in a secluded setting. She also received a Fellowship for a Residency in printmaking at the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont in 1997.

   When asked about her work in this exhibition, Cecelia stated, “People and places, close to home or far away, are the subjects of my photographs. The action, the light, the drama, the unexpected is what excites me.” She continued, “From Dallas to Santa Fe to New York and places in between, the streets and sidewalks show evidence of our presence. We were there. We made marks. We have altered the terrain. I like the abstract quality of these marks and the contrast between the colorful markings and the neutral ground on which they are drawn. This mark making is the focus of the series of photographs fondly called “Underfoot. My pictures celebrate people and the world in which they live. I catch the moments directly or out of the corner of my eye; the moments that make me pause to take a second look.”                                                                              

   Bruce Schlein is a retired pathologist. He is a graduate of Linden, NJ public schools, Columbia College of Columbia University and State University of NY, Downstate Medical College. Schlein has been pursuing photography since the 1960s; self-taught with mentoring from the late John Menapace of Durham, NC. Bruce has taught photography for a number of years at the Greenville County Museum School of Art as time has permitted. He is currently instructing photography in the Furman University Learning in Retirement Program and has instructed in the Furman Learning for You Program.

     When asked about this current work, Bruce said, “I am currently working on trying to understand our interactions with spaces, surfaces and the light that helps define them. Every piece of life a photographer sees has a special feel or sense to it. If I can catch that essence, the photograph is fun for me and occasionally for others to look at.” 

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The Pickens County Museum’s hosting of
“Ancient Forms, Modern Minds” and “Surfaces and Spaces”
is sponsored in part by
South State Bank,
Pickens Savings & Loan
Robinson Funeral Home, Crematory and Memorial Gardens.


The Pickens County Museum of Art & History is funded in part by Pickens County, members and friends of the museum and a grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Located at the corner of Hwy. 178 at 307 Johnson Street in Pickens SC, the museum is open:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Admission is free but donations are welcomed.

For more information please contact the museum at (864) 898-5963.







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Upcoming Events at the Museum
The Pickens County Cultural Commission meets at 6:00 p.m.
on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Museum.













Exhibition Includes
September 12 –
November 12
Shifting Plates II: an Upstate Printmakers Atelier: This second Upstate South Carolina Printmakers Atelier is portfolio of original prints in a variety of print media including lithography, intaglio, relief, screen-print and collograph. This connected group of upstate artists began as a print exchange between fellow printmakers but quickly grew into an atelier of committed individuals representing some of the prominent printmakers in South Carolina and demonstrates inventive and masterful handling of a variety of print media.
Dec. 5, 2015 – Feb 11, 2016 Water Media by Jo Ann Taylor: a Virginian by birth and a South Carolinian by choice, Jo Ann Taylor now resides in the Dacusville area of Pickens County. A signature member of the International Louisiana Watercolor Society and many others, she says that Plein Air Painting is one of her joys but that every day she paints in the studio using her “Mind’s Eye”.


 Museum Programs

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Pre-registration is required for all classes and you may register on-line at,
in person, or by calling the Pickens County Museum at (864) 898-5963

The museum offers a variety of six-week studio classes and Workshops


         New Classes Announcements coming soon



All classes will be held in the Liz Smith Cox Educational Studio (unless otherwise noted). Pre-registration is required for ALL classes & workshops. Please call (864) 898-5963, drop by the museum, or visit to register or for more information.








The Hagood Mill Historic Site and Folklife Center
138 Hagood Mill Road, Pickens SC 29671

(864) 898-2936

The Hagood Mill is pleased to continue our 2015 “MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINS”. One and all are invited to join us at the historic Hagood Mill on the third Saturdays of every month for a day of MILLING, MUSIC & MEMORIES AT THE HISTORIC HAGOOD MILL, including tours, concerts, demonstrations, living history presentations and seasonal thematic activities.

3rd Saturday events at Hagood Mill have a $5.00 parking charge.

Upcoming events include:


June 20: Singer/Songwriter Day at the Mill: The upstate of South Carolina is blessed with many talented and original songwriters who are creating the folk music of tomorrow. This our day to salute these wonderfully creative musicians. Come, bring a chair and enjoy food and music.
July 18: Banjo Extravaganza with National Champion Banjoist Charles Wood. Charles is a veteran showman with appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, two tours in Austria and Germany with The Lonesome Road Band, teaching at the Munich Germany Banjo Camp in Oct '09 and various regional and national Bluegrass festivals.
August 15:           “Rolling Waterwheel Gospel Jubilee”: In August Hagood Mill salutes our religious heritage with old camp meeting songs, shaped note hymns, and traditional gospel from both Black and White traditions in our area. From the little white mountain churches to the large mega churches of today, these ancient melodies probe deep into the heart of the native folk as well as our many transplanted friends.
Sept 19: Annual South Carolina Olde Time Fiddling' Championship: As autumn approaches and the leaves turn their brilliant colors, it signals the time for fiddle music in the mountains.  On September third Saturday vintage fiddle music will fill the hills and hollers around Hagood Mill as it becomes the host for the annual South Carolina State Fiddling Championship. Some of the best fiddlers in the southeast will gather to compete for the title of South Carolina champion. ($5.00 parking fee)
Oct 17: Hagood Mill Annual “Storytelling Festival”: As part of our “Music in the Mountains” series, the celebration of tradition will continue on this day at the “Annual Hagood Mill Storytelling Festival.” The hills around the old mill will echo with the whispers, howls ‘n hollers of some of the Southeast’s best storytellers sharing bits about all sorts of folks, funnies, cultures and places.
Nov 21: Selugadu: A Native American Celebration - celebrate our Native American influences. A number of groups from Catawba to Cherokee are represented, including individuals born and raised here as well as those who have more recently made South Carolina their home. ($5.00 Parking Fee)
Dec 19: “Ed Harrison Memorial Celtic Christmas” -  Deep in the Appalachian soul reverbs the lilting melodies of the Celts; the Irish, the Scots, and the Scotch- Irish ancestors of Blue Ridge Mountain folk. These melodies joined with African American frolic rhythms of the slave folk as early as the 1700's to eventually create the well known Bluegrass and Old Time mountain music prevalent in the Southeast today. We celebrate this music heritage and the memory of Ed Harrison, an Irish Uillean pipes & banjo player that brought this music to Hagood Mill.

The Hagood Mill operates, rain or shine, the third Saturday of every month and is located just 3 miles north of Pickens or 5 ½ miles south of Cherokee Foothills Scenic Hwy 11 off SC Hwy 178 at 138 Hagood Mill Road. Hagood Mill is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 until 4:00, to tour the buildings and grounds. 

For additional information please contact the Hagood Mill at (864) 898-2936 or the Pickens County Department of Tourism Development at (864) 898-5585.